Steve Shill


Gerry Pass (Seconds Acts, The Hermit), Lucas Foster (Morbius, Ford v Ferrari, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)


When Ming (35) arrives in the troubled town of Rutherford with his brother Li (28) all hell breaks loose. Ming provides much-needed leadership to the demoralized Chinese men including Qin (25) and Han (29) in their camp on the edge of town. Ming forms an unlikely alliance with William (50), the self-sabotaging English mayor of Rutherford, against the corrupt iron rule of the mining company and its cruel armed enforcer, Davenport (50), and his mounted posse of thugs. Ming’s spiritual mission is to dis-inter his father’s body and ship it back to China for eternal care by his family. But when his brother Li gets local English girl, Eliza (22), pregnant, racial tensions explode and despite the best efforts of William’s common law Maori wife Anna (30) and her powerful tribal brothers, Li is killed.

William steps up in opposition to Davenport and joins forces with Ming. Together they change the mission and decide to dis-inter all 400 bodies of the dead Chinese migrant workers and transport them down the mountain,ejungle to the coast. A small war breaks out with Davenport and his small army as the town, Europeans, Maoris and Chinese all come together to do something practically insane but morally correct as a deliberate act of defiance and redemption in the face of evil.