Nat Wolff


Heather Graham


Maria Giese


Gerry Pass

Executive Producer:

Lucas Foster


Oliver (NAT WOLFF) is a genius artist who happens to have Tourette Syndrome. His “tics” crush his self-confidence and unnerve those around him, even placing him in danger of self-harm, yet he has learned to harness them to create extraordinary works of art. When a brilliant neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Margaret Adler (HEATHER GRAHAM), offers Oliver a hopeful, experimental brain surgery that could cure his symptoms of Tourettes, he finally sees an opportunity to live a “normal” life. Oliver meets Dr. Adler’s beautiful assistant, Julia, who helps him break out of his social shell, and befriends Dr. Adler’s young son, Nicolas, who also has Tourettes.

Soon, however, it dawns on Oliver that Dr. Adler may be using him for her own personal motives — to find a cure for her son — even if it costs Oliver his artistic genius. Is Julia in on the plan, too? Suddenly, there’s a lot more at stake than he thought. As tensions rise over the looming surgery, Oliver learns that it’s nearly impossible to truly be oneself in a world in which being different means being an outsider. And Oliver must ask himself: is being “normal” so important? His journey of self-discovery teaches us all why it’s so important to be true to ourselves. After all, our differences are what make us “extraordinary.”