Hunter Davis


Joe Johnston


Gerry Pass ( The Hermit, Second Acts), Lucas Foster (Bad Boys, Ford v Ferrari, Law Abiding Citizen), Murray Francis (10,000 B.C.)


Alan Lee, an Asian-American hospital worker with a mysterious past, wakes up on an exam table in a small cube shaped room. He has no idea where he is or how he got there. A female voice from the ceiling welcomes him as Subject Five. The voice, V, explains that Alan has volunteered to participate in a series of government sanctioned evaluations called, The Drome Trials. After accusing V of lying, Alan is escorted down a long hallway into a massive white room. Dark panels of observation glass are centered high up on the walls. A large hunting knife is in the center of the room.

Two other subjects stand equidistant from the knife. All the doors shut. A green siren flashes from above. A fierce and savage struggle breaks out as the subjects fight for possession of the knife. In an unexpected battle for his life, Alan is forced to kill or be killed. After Alan is the last one standing, a red siren flashes. The doors open.  Back in his cube, V congratulates Alan on completing his first evaluation. A bloody and enraged Alan demands that he be released. Alan tells V that he has a sick wife and young son at home and must return to them immediately. V directs his attention to a dark screen on the back wall.  On the screen, Alan watches satellite footage of his wife playing with their son in the backyard. V then reveals to Alan that the only way he will ever see his family again is by completing all ten evaluations that make up the Drome Trials.