Maria Giese


Gerry Pass (Seconds Acts, The Hermit), Lucas Foster (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Bad Boys, Ford v Ferrari)


Michael Bonvillain


July 26, 2017. BEN and LINDSAY (30s) are mountain-biking deep in the Appalachian woods when they find a skeleton leaning against a tree, an action camera slung across its chest; in its hands is a gold bar. Foul play is suspected in the death of TV producer Oliver Beckwith after hours of footage for his show, Treasure Trek, are found with his body. Federal authorities compile his crew’s final 72 hours. The Treasure Trek crew—host MIKE DEAKINS (40), producer OLIVER ‘OLLIE’ BECKWITH (30),editor JANE POTTER (25), and JOEY ‘DOC’ CHANG (30)—interview Professor MCKEE (70), who says he has a cypher (a mathematical map) to find the Morgan Richfield treasure hidden in the early 1700s. 

The crew and McKee board a biplane over the Appalachians and are met by a group of ex-special forces ‘fixers’ led by REDFISH (40) and his brother HAMMER (30), who warn them about the local clans. They ride ATVs to a shanty settlement where Redfish gives a white supremacist LOCAL cash and sudafed, buying them a three-day pass. Mike, Ollie, and Hammer are lowered into the cave but Hammer falls and snaps his ankle; while Chang tends to him, Ollie and Mike find a mass gravesite of Native Americans who were all executed. Behind them is a sea of gold bars: the Morgan Bonanza. The site of the gold leaves everyone in disbelief. In this instant everyone has their own plans on how to get out with as much gold as possible without anyone knowing. Friends become enemies; enemies become accomplices. As the story comes full circle, who will make it out alive?