The Soap Maker


Claire Denis (Stars at Noon-2022 Cannes Grand Prize of the Festival Winner)


Gerry Pass (Seconds Acts, The Hermit), Lucas Foster (Morbius, Ford v Ferrari, Law Abiding Citizen), Salvatore Sclafani


Based on the horrific TRUE STORY… In 1939, right before World War II, Leonarda moves to Correggio with her son Michele and her paraplegic husband. There, she befriends three lonely women, Lisa, Stella and Berta, each with their own dramas: Lisa has horrific dreams concerning Satan, Bella is obsessed with moving to the US to reunite with her long-lost husband and Berta is trying to regain her popularity as an opera singer. Horror and fear pervade Lea when she discovers not only that Michele is probably going to be recruited for the war, but that he also met a girl named Sandra, who is going to steal him from her.  She believes all these things coming together is the work of Satan.  She attempts to enlist her friends in her murderous plot to keep her son at home.

Leonarda will go to any lengths to keep her son at home and prevent him from being corrupted and taken from her.  Through witchcraft and unspeakable atrocities,  she will stop at nothing to save her son from war.  Even if it means “keeping death away with death.”